You’re welcome, Dhavel. Thank you for the great reviews and after our previous chat i bought the powerblock pro EXP with max weights. I’m glad you brought this topic up so I could update my info about the weight sticker in regards to the Pro 50! Here’s the link to all the US-to-Singapore forwarding services. However, the heavier it gets, the wider it becomes, making it awkward to handle at very heavy weights. For example, the grips on the PowerBlock dumbbells at the EXOS Arizona facility, which PowerBlock outfitted, are 7-8 years old and they’re still holding up; they’ve certainly been worn but have maintained their grip and orientation. Since you can be confident of the durability of the rubber grips and assuming you’re not bothered by the slight adder weight imbalance that’s only noticeable on some exercises at low weights, it’s really a matter of if you’re willing to pay the ~$500 for the knurled straight grip — and that’s a question only you can answer of how much you value that feature compared to how much you value the savings. This makes them more durable, resistant to damage, quieter and safer to use. Also realized that you have the older versions of both, which I would’ve gotten/preferred if I had known about them. Since 2007, my wife and I have owned and operated a personal training company, Kennedy Fitness, and we've chosen to exclusively use PowerBlock dumbbells both for our clients and for our own personal use at home. Could you please give me some input on these points? 8.8 View Product 8.8 5: ... 3,296 reviews scanned The 10 Best Dumbells 5,442 reviews scanned hi Alex, thanks for the thorough review. I’m looking to purchase them during the holidays while they have a sale. In fact, a recent expansion kit can bring the Elite 50 all the way up to 130 lbs. It’s … In fact, the brand is so confident in the quality of it's adjustable dumbbell that it backs each unit with a generous 10-year warranty. This is a great option for anyone who wants their set to grow with them. New kettlebell products may be coming in near future, but I don't know any specifics. It is the only heavy model that's compatible with three awesome PowerBlock attachments: the. PowerBlock Sport Vs Elite - What's the difference? thanks! Overall, get some adjustable weights. I’ve noticed that dumbbells under the PowerBlock Elite banner don’t have a particularly wide grip. Valentin. :/, PowerBlock only ships within the US. I won't get into detail on the terms and conditions of each warranty type. My preference is for the PowerBlock Pro EXP set (see my review here). In my opinion, once you buy a Powerblock dumbbell, it’ll probably be the only dumbbell you’ll ever buy. Will changing 2.5lb on PowerBlocks be hard during the workouts? If you’re hoping to keep costs down or don’t have particularly grand aspirations for yourself as a weight lifter, you’ll be just fine with the PowerBlock Classic although they do have a habit of retiring their old products like urethane series, so this is something to keep in mind if you want to expand at a later date. Overview of the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell. For me, the only clear victory that traditional dumbbells hold over a set of PowerBlocks comes in the form of pricing. The first option I’ll tell you about is a workaround that should allow you to get the DBs shipped…. Because the EXP’s have the 2.5 lb adder weights I’m worried having them installed especially just one would throw off the balance noticeably. This Urethane Series included the U-90 dumbbells, which went all the way up to 125 lbs with the U-90 Stage 4 Set. perhaps, i should think about a lower set of power blocks (up to 50) and then just get individual bigger dumbells (55-90)? There is, after all, a reason that their warranties don't cover drops from above 6 or 12 inches (depending on the model). You can always buy the Stage 1 version (5-50 lbs) or the Stage 2 version (5-70 lbs), then upgrade later by buying an expansion kit. PowerBlock doesn't just manufacture the "World's Best Dumbbell." Not a problem–I’m always happy to help if I can find the time to do so. and now that you’ve used both, which do you think is better? If that's the case, then I'd recommend looking at the Sport EXP Stage 3, Elite 90 or PowerBlock EXP Stage 3. The Sport is available in multiple sizes, just like the PowerBlock Elite, and can be paired with a variety of expansion kits to help you get the most out of your purchase. Did yours come with the correct sticker? In case you’re not familiar with that, it’s what a lot of international shoppers use to get around shipping restrictions like this. Hi Niko. I recommend the PowerBlock Elite over the marginally more modern Sport. This is the sturdiest bench from PowerBlock  and is part of their commercial line. They are sure to turn your head when you see them and you might not even recognise them as Has 2 adder weights for smaller increments. So glad to hear you’re happy with your new set and the straight bar. Adjusting the weight of a traditional dumbbell isn’t complicated, but it can certainly be tedious. They seem identical to me besides the color? Home > Blog > Equipment > PowerBlock Dumbbells Review (2020) – Pros & Cons. Best Prices for PowerBlock Sport 50 Adjustable Dumbbells at Fitness Savvy UK. As you likely guessed from its name, the PowerBlock Classic series was the first in this line of block dumbbells sets. And in general, the smaller size makes the weights easier to control during heavy exercises. Awesome. Powerblock dumbbells … As luck would have it, there’s actually two of these locations! In terms of knurling vs. rubber, that’s a hard call. Best Kevin Reviews for the real world. yellow = 40 with no adder weights). Contents. The owner of this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All images courtesy of Amazon. Unlike the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbell system, the PowerBlocks don't come standard with a dumbbell stand. on biceps curls; the handle goes from facing up at the bottom of the motion, to facing the floor at the bottom of motion). the Pro EXP sets) have all 10 lb plates (and adder weights). This page is my PowerBlock dumbbells review. It goes all the way up to 90 lbs per dumbbell. The PowerBlocks utilize a self-containing storage mechanism, where the dumbbell handle and weights conveniently and compactly "nest" within each other. In terms of ranking, though, build quality and durability are comparable between the PowerBlock Series, PowerBlock Elite and the PowerBlock Sport. Note that you don't necessarily have to buy the heaviest version of the model (Stage 3) right away. This includes both adjustable and traditional fixed dumbbells. And so I will generally lump them together and talk about them as a whole. However, more recently I bought my first pair of PowerBlock dumbbells: the Pro EXP Stage 3 Set. PowerBlock EXP Review Conclusion. If you use it with the Pro EXP like I do, you'll have to do some quick mental math to make sure you're selecting the desired amount of weight. Huge help. I’m gonna start exploring the rest of your site and see what else I can learn from you. Most people who reviewed the Powerblock Elite 90 say that the handle and the padded posts are also comfortable for different ways of holding. ‘EXP’ models start at 50 lbs. They strive at all times to provide products which suit its customers perfectly and to date; they have been doing that effectively. Hopefully they include more stickers in the box at some point to fix this…maybe yours will have them, since the Pro series has been out for a while now. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of PowerBlock and save up to 15% when making purchase at checkout. If you are serious about lifting, feel free to pick up the expansion packs to … That said, it's still desirable to have a dumbbell stand to safely and efficiently rack the dumbbells between sets, and to store them when not in use. Hopefully my PowerBlock dumbbells review has helped you to decide if this is the right adjustable dumbbell system for you. An ergonomic handle allows the lifter to comfortably grip the weight for an extended period of time. You should go with the Compact Stand (Size: Large) since it is large enough to hold the Pro EXP Stage 2 dumbbells AND because it has 4 holes in the center to hold each of the adder weights. PowerBlock Sport 50. I also love to write about my passion and I’m a firm believer in healthy body healthy mind. version of PowerBlock replaces up to 28 pairs of dumbbells that is 2565 pounds of free weights. Have fun with the KettleBlock handle and EZ curl bar. ...However, around late 2018 when the Pro Series was released with its 5 year warranty, I believe they switched all other Series/models to have the same warranty duration. Most manufacturers of dumbbells back their products with some sort of warranty. The compact size is helpful, in particular for using the optimal path of movement for bicep curls (i.e. A space-saving alternative to more traditional dumbbells, they are ideal for apartments and bedrooms or a homegym. Hey Mike, I recently purchased the Kettleblock handle, the newer model no longer allows the add-on weights . This review looks at two of the most popular offerings in the PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set range, these being the 24 lb and the 50 lb pair.

powerblock 50 review

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