Capone Bege is a character from the anime One Piece. shipping: + $32.20 shipping . He has an utter disgust of bad manners from anyone around him, even his crew. While becoming a member of the Big Mom Pirates, he marries Charlotte Chiffon to complete the alliance with them. [73] On the day of the wedding, Bege was annoyed to find them sleeping when they were supposed to be preparing for the plan and even threatened to leave them behind if they slow him down. [14], Bege has an excellent awareness of his surroundings. Official English Name: There Bege tells his men not to get out because Nekomamushi is standing behind … I would be very surprised if he didn't at least have 1 form of haki. Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle! Bege then had Caesar exit his body with a mirror that they would use to escape, and he briefed Caesar about his role to fly it in. Tier: Unknown, 7-A with firearms Name: Capone "Gang" Bege Origin: One Piece High-quality, pre-shrunk heavy or lightweight fleece. Before Bege and his men could act, Sanji held Caesar hostage, and Bege noticed Nekomamushi standing behind him. For example, he nearly killed Pekoms when he realized that Pekoms was going against Big Mom orders just to prove how loyal he was to their organization. They were pursued by Charlotte Custard's fleet, but managed to lose her. [30] Later, after he seemingly accepted Oven's demands to surrender for Chiffon's safety, he took a shot at Oven while the latter's guard was down. [146] The Fire Tank Pirates later took over a pirate ship before planning to go to Thriller Bark. Big Mom attacks him in his Big Father form when she find out he is a traitor. Manga pre-timeskip [138] Bege agreed, and although Big Mom threatened to burn down the Castello as she drew closer to it while riding her sun homie Prometheus, he stayed the course. In One Piece there are only a hand full of Snipers and some of them are extremely talented. [158] He stood by holding his son, as Pound revealed that he is Lola and Chiffon's father. [56] Brûlée was furious at Bege's plan especially when he voiced intentions to use her abilities in their plot while thinking of a way to inform Big Mom. One of the "Worst Generation." Pez is Bege and Chiffon's only son, and Bege loves him very much, being willing to make silly faces to make him laugh. After the timeskip, he is allied with Big Mom, One of the Four Emperors. #closet #cloths #pastel colors #bege #babypink. Member of the Worst GenerationAlly of the Big Mom Pirates (formerly)Mafia don (formerly), High IntelligencePower of Shiro Shiro no MiFirearm skills, PiracyAbductionInfiltrationMultiple counts of murders. He also have a son with Chiffon called Capone Pez. He is the husband of Charlotte Chiffon and father of his son, Capone Pez. Bege reminds Sanji of his past as a royal and says that Big Mom and his father, Vinsmoke Judge, wants to arrange for a political marriage with him and Charlotte Pudding. [119] However, the cake's destruction distracted Big Mom from the portrait, and as chaos ensued, Bege tackled Luffy. Tropes Beta Couple: Gotti and Lola get married, becoming this to Bege and Chiffon. [85] After the assassination attempt on Big Mom failed, Bege used Caesar as a means to escape, despite the latter's protests. [18], After the timeskip, he grew a thick goatee and now wears a darker hat. If Bege was not a pirate, then he would be a shoe shop owner. Though he is shown to be loyal to the organizations he infiltrates, Bege pretends to be a loyal member of the group. He is one of the 12 notorious pirates called the Worst Generation (who are Monkey D. Luffy's rivals) and the leader of his own pirate group the Fire Tank Pirates. [62] After Luffy showed Big Mom the portrait and she screamed, Bege prepared to assassinate the weakened Big Mom alongside Vito and Gotti. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [109] However, when Pekoms discovered that his homeland had been destroyed[19] and the Straw Hats had saved it,[110] he agreed to spare the Straw Hats in gratitude. [27] Bege hysterically laughed upon the collapse of the Whole Cake Chateau and the potential fall of the Big Mom Pirates, showcasing how much he's amused by the demise of the mighty and powerful. [134], As the Nostra Castello sailed to bring the cake to Big Mom, Bege argued with Sanji after the Straw Hat cook refused to let him poison the cake. [36], Bege outwardly considers empathy towards others to be weakness and cowardliness, unbefitting of pirates. One Piece is a Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name and has 951 episodes. Bege left Zou with Sanji, Caesar and his crew when Nekomamushi asks him what he did to Pekoms. カポネ・ベッジ Anime pre-timeskip He then checked on the Straw Hats inside his body, and was angered to see them sleeping, but Jinbe assured him he would have them ready in time. [37] Bege married the twenty-second daughter of the family and produced a son, making him a member of the Charlotte Family. #bege #berkcan güven. "Capone Bege" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. When Chiffon said that she wanted to find her sister Lola, he stated that his wife's wishes are his as well. [42] As Big Mom was attacking him, Bege showed that he deeply cares about Chiffon, calling her his beloved wife whom he refuses to allow to die. [129] Bege rolled off on tank treads toward the coast, and was soon chased by a platoon of Big Mom Pirates. One of them objected, warning him that they should not cause an incident that would draw the attention of the Marine Headquarters. He abducts Pekoms and taunts him before shooting him off a cliff into shark-infested water. [25], Bege has a spear made of Seastone which he had one of his subordinates use in order to restrain Caesar Clown. They ended up venturing to Dressrosa and encountered marines while there. Bege then plotted to take down Big Mom during the tea party, with no one standing in his way. Manga-San : 5% de Réduction avec le code promo MANGAFOP. Watch One Piece: Whole Cake Island (783-878) Episode 861 - The Cake Sank?! Debut: They have had an interesting history and, at times, feel like a series of contrasts; they once served under Big Mom, had an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates, and have gone on their own missions. Bege Just Had His Best Episode of 'One Piece' Yet. Bege and his family and crew makes it out of Totto Land to read the newspaper of what happened. [1] As for his personal effects, he has a pirate captain's coat with red and gold trimming[16] and a fedora hat, both of which he only seems to wear for traveling purposes. [67] Bege for his part, was satisfied with the destruction of the chateau and the chance to humiliate the Big Mom Pirates despite the failure of his assassination plot. [157] They went to the port and found Pound there. [25], He could also transform into a gigantic fortress shaped golem with immense defensive power. I heard he was a sick young man who liked to hurt helpless living things and then watch them get weaker and weaker.Jinbe describing Bege's cruelty — One Piece episode 826. He is often seen smoking a cigar, except when eating. He is also one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the "Worst Generation". [94] He also has a strong tolerance to pain, as he could withstand having his body in his Big Father Form being smashed apart by Big Mom while calmly thinking up of a getaway tactic. [29] Highly opportunistic, Bege is always on the lookout for a potential weakness or opening from the enemy, having no qualms in exploiting it to the maximum. Sanji manages to save Nami, Brook, and Chopper, and holds Caesar as a hostage to prevent Bege from capturing them. [1], He then witnessed Roronoa Zoro walking in the path of a World Noble, nearly causing the call for an Admiral to the archipelago, if not for the intervention of Bonney. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. [93] He has a cunning talent for being well prepared in times of unexpected dangers, having kept the Nostra Castello's function to travel on land with tank treads a secret from the Big Mom Pirates, which later allowed the Fire Tank Pirates to rescue Chiffon and escape from Oven without much difficulty. [160] As Pound was swimming after the ship, Bege, Gotti, Lola, and Chiffon helped him by giving him ropes to hold on to. $216.38. Both the Straw Hats, Caesar, and the Fire Tank Pirates are able to put aside their issues to work towards the assassination plan. [130] Bege did not want Chiffon to go, but she insisted on going in order to repay the Straw Hats for saving her sister Lola.[131]. English Name: Capone Bege VOICE. Sanji and Bege successfully leave Cacao Island, but their plan is in jeopardy when Oven boils the sea itself! However, despite their loyalty, Bege does not tolerate any objections from his crew, as he stabbed one with a fork for speaking out in hesitation against his order,[48] and continued to smoke heavily despite his subordinates being inside him. The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, After successfully escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege parted with the Straw Hats on good terms. Capone Bege later infiltrates Big Mom Pirates, but unlike the other pirates who infiltrate her territory he decides to become an ally to her. The sixth in the series is Capone "Gang" Bege, who is posed with a fearless smile on Japanese Name: 17 avr. The two later had a son named Capone Pez. [31] He also withheld information that his ship can travel on land with tank trends, enabling him to surprise the Big Mom Pirates while retrieving Chiffon and escape Cacao Island. Watch One Piece: Whole Cake Island (783-878) Episode 860 - A Man's Way of Life! Bege accumulated many enemies, but managed to repel all of them with his Devil Fruit powers. One day later, Bege organizes a meeting with the Straw Hats to go over the assassination plan against Big Mom. Details File Size: 18176KB Duration: 15.015 sec Dimensions: 281x498 Created: 10/9/2020, 9:45:34 AM [23] An example of this is when he was perfectly willing to meet Monkey D. Luffy, but had no qualms with using violence against the latter if he became angered. [25], His insides also appear to that of a literal fortress, featuring stone brick rooms as well as drawbridges that can open and close, again putting into question whether Bege creates them at will or that his body truly does function like a fortress and has people run around his body at all times. [90] Bege has incredible understanding of psychological warfare, as he could tell that his assassination plans could still succeed by seeing Katakuri's fearful expression, which Bege correctly deduced that he foresaw a horrifying future. When Big Mom begins to eat the cake, he along with his family and crew left. Bege has occasionally shown a prideful side, bragging to the Straw Hats that he is also part of the Worst Generation, just like Luffy. He even asked one of his men to deal with her and then stabbed his subordinate when he refused to cause a scene. [38], When Chiffon agreed to go with Pudding in order to save the Straw Hats from the rampaging Big Mom, Bege showed objection to Chiffon's decision, worried for her safety. He's affiliated himself with the Big Mom Pirates and had earned their trust, but his real goal is to take down their Captain, Big Mom. [100] As he betrayed the Big Mom Pirates, Bege pulled out a Tommy Gun, which he also favors throughout his adventure at Dressrosa. [105], Later, while in the New World, he was eating in his ship when it was apparently drawn toward an incredibly large, black object in the sky above him. You guys have already lost... in sheer military force!Capone Bege to the Marines surrounding him, before unleashing the power of his Devil Fruit. By Nick Valdez - November 4, 2018 05:38 pm EST. [124], The alliance was trapped and faced more trouble as Katakuri created mochi earplugs to allow the Big Mom Pirates to move around. Comments Add a … [133] Bege piloted the Nostra Castello onto the island, where it moved on the ground with its treads. They reluctantly formed an alliance and began making plans to overthrow their shared enemy. [148], They later went to Dressrosa to gather supplies. Capone Bege (in Japanese: カポネ・ベッジ, Kapone Bejji) is a pirate in One Piece. Bege said he would have to do so in the few seconds they would get during the assassination, while at the same time acting as bait to distract the Big Mom Pirates. In the past, Bege gained a reputation for infiltrating many groups and assassinating their leaders for his own pleasure. 31 notes. Bege being stated to cut off animals' heads may be a reference to. Bege Just Had His Best Episode of 'One Piece' Yet By Nick Valdez - November 4, 2018 05:38 pm EST Share 0 Comments 0 One Piece's Whole … [16] However, he was later surrounded by a horde of Marine soldiers all by himself, but he calmly told them that they have already lost in sheer military force, backing it up by calling forth what was essentially a small army from his body, as well as firing small cannons (which expanded into regular sized cannonballs). [19] During the Whole Cake Island Arc, Bege wore a rose on the left breast of his suit.[13]. [70] When Sanji freed his crewmates, Bege was angered at this but was unable to go after them due to his mission of returning with Sanji and Nekomamushi's presence. Meaning: Even from a young age he had a knack for violence , he even liked to decapitate animals while they were still alive and watch their headless bodies twitch and writhe, he likes board games. [79], Due to Bege and the Big Mom Pirates being tasked with retrieving him, Caesar was very afraid to see him on Zou. [159] The Fire Tank Pirates and the sisters escaped Dressrosa on the Fire Tank Pirates' ship, but left Pound behind. [154] However, Bege and Vito were later immobilized by citizens who were infected with the Kiss Kiss Germ. [60], Bege could also give code names to certain crucial objects such as ear plugs, which he referred to as the Invisible Symphonia System. 166 cm (5'5½") (debut, after timeskip)[3] Type: Bege met with the Straw Hats and wants Caesar and Sanji. [24] At the negotiations, it was Jinbe who broke up the brawl between the Straw Hat and Fire Tank Pirates by reminding them that they share a common enemy in Big Mom. He was also depicted as playing with guns, knives, and a fortress made of blocks, referencing his Devil Fruit abilities. With the Straw Hats at Dressrosa, he follows their ship on Big Mom's ship to Zou. This is most evident when he shot Pekoms in the back after the latter was willing to show mercy to the Straw Hat Pirates as thanks for saving his people. [38] Shortly after escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege recovered enough to quickly flee despite some bleeding.[95]. [2], After the downfall of the Donquixote Pirates, Bege acknowledged Doflamingo's defeat and stated his intention to capture Caesar.[108]. [89], To match his tactical prowess, Bege is extremely observant, able to detect potential weaknesses in powerful enemies and make strategies to exploit said weaknesses. [10] Due to his deep sophistication, Bege is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene, refusing to have a meeting with anyone who doesn't present themself properly, forcing even his enemies to do so. Oda's depiction of Capone Bege as a female. In response, Bege transformed into his Big Father form[124] and told his crew and allies to get inside him. [86] After successfully escaping the Whole Cake Chateau, Bege gave Caesar his heart back and set him free. And honestly he's kind of a piece of crap, he goes around trying to assassinate powerful people and even went so far as to … Capone Bege Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Because this was spoiling his meal, Bege ordered his men to shut her up. [103], When he heard how Luffy attacked a World Noble, he ordered his crew to set sail for Fish-Man Island immediately, saying he did not wish to deal with a Marine Admiral. After he helped Sanji transport the substitute wedding cake out of Cacao Island, Bege stubbornly insisted on sabotaging the cake, which goes against Sanji's code as a chef. He then became a pirate and formed his group the Fire Tank Pirates and earned his bounty for pirating. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Black eyes and Black hair that is To Neck length. A close up of Bege's face after the timeskip. [2] To officially seal the alliance, Bege married Big Mom's 22nd daughter, Charlotte Chiffon. [7] Also, in contrast to his disinterest in fame, Bege holds his strategic plans in high regard and has the utmost faith in his tactical wit. Capone Bege is a character from ONE PIECE. Two days later, Bege was contacted by Jinbe about a potential alliance between the Fire Tank Pirates and Sanji Retrieval Team. He saw his wife, Chiffon, reunite with her sister, Lola. Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] [69] Bege displayed his Devil Fruit superiority to the Straw Hats transforming the room into weapons and sank Nami in the floor to threaten Sanji into giving up any hope of escaping. After becoming a father and husband, Bege seems to have lessened his cruel and ruthless behavior to some extent. Even before he became a pirate; as a mafia don, Bege could ruthlessly and effectively eliminate all his rival mafias from their leaders to their vengeful subordinates and hired assassins through this same ingenuity. #kitnet #apartamento #bege #decoração. 23 notes. [106] Unlike the other Supernova-led crews who had tried to challenge her authority, the Fire Tank Pirates chose to ally with her, and Bege decided to join her family by accepting one of her daughters as his wife. Soon afterward, Bege's subordinates came out of the Chateau and reported that they had successfully made the final preparations for the attack. [47], On the day of the plan, Bege made it clear to Caesar that there would be repercussions if he double-crosses him as Caesar vehemently stated he would not go back on his word since Bege had his heart. After Brook destroys the Mother Carmel photo that Big Mom liked, she screams. He is also one of the central characters in "Gang" Bege's Oh My Family Cover Page Serial. [26] Despite his initial enmity towards Luffy for the trouble he caused at Sabaody Archipelago as well as Luffy attempting to punch him for trying to kill Pekoms, Bege readily forgave Luffy after forming their alliance. As he neared the coast, Chiffon's sister Charlotte Pudding arrived on a flying carpet and asked Chiffon to help her make a new wedding cake, as Big Mom was going on a craving rampage until she found one. Bege's previous wanted poster depicted in. [13], Bege is also very open in showing his love for his son, often talking to Pez in a very silly and affectionate manner even in front of guests, to the point of even playfully mispronouncing his speech. Kyle Hebert is the English dub voice of Capone Bege in One Piece, and Naoki Tatsuta is the Japanese voice. Being a … [39], Bege despised Luffy and his crew for the trouble they caused him on the Sabaody Archipelago. Tags: [43] After Bege and his crew escaped Whole Cake Island, he ordered his crew to head toward Cacao Island to get his wife back. [47] While facing the threat of the Big Mom Pirates after his assassination attempt on Big Mom failed, Bege showed his resolve to protect his family, including his son. Almost gone He is not above acting foolish in front of others to entertain his son and shows love towards his wife in various situations. The ultimate collaboration with One Piece is now back with the latest Pirate Warriors series!

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