Receive priority updates about our monthly promotions and new products! The Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife is considered as a classic Japanese knife that is specially made for sushi and sashimi. Therefore, due to its worldwide popularity, the Wasabi Black range offers you Japanese style knives such as santoku, nakiri, and yanagiba, as well as Western style knives such as the chef and carving knives. Honoring the well-known reputation of Japanese knives, the blade is characterised for a high level of sharpness that allows you to cut your food ingredients with ease and precision. This is normal if we take into account the fact that the blades of the Wasabi Black knives were made inspired in the old Samurai know-how in the manufacturing of sharp blades. KAI Wasabi Black KAI-67S-300 Knife Set . Still, this is a great choice if you don’t have a budget for a knife. - Wasabi Black knife series : Elegance and great cutting performance are only two of the main adjectives that describe all the knives from the KAI Wasabi series. 2.2 Best Blade Metal: High-Carbon or Stainless Steel? Regardless of the type of knife that you need, you'll surely find a good one for you inside the Kai Wasabi Black range. As with any kitchen knife, the main parts that define the quality (and also the beauty) of a knife are the blade and the handle. Cut Roll vs Hand Roll Sushi: A Comparison, Types of Japanese Knives Adored by Pro Chefs. The Wasabi Black series offers kitchen knives of an exceptional quality that are manufactured with a combination the traditional Japanese know-how and the latest technology available in the cutlery industry. I opt-in to a better browsing experience. Accept Cookies . All Kai Scissors. The Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife is definitely a perfect choice to use when preparing Japanese dishes, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, check out the JapanBargain S-1553 Knife. The JapanBargain S-1553 Knife has a blade length of nine and 1/8 inches, and it comes equipped with a 14-inch wooden handle. Henckels TWIN Signature Bread Knife,... $41.99. So hurry up now and get the knife that best fits with your needs and preferences! KAI Wasabi 6" Utility Knife, Black Polypropylene Handle. However, inside the Wasabi Black range you can also find Western style knives such as chef knives and utility knives. Reference: Highest first, KAI Wasabi Black 3-piece Knife Set: 2 Utility Knives & 1 Santoku Knife, KAI Wasabi Black 3-piece Knife Set: 2 Utility Knives & 1 Chef Knife, KAI Wasabi Black Knife Bag with 5 knives EUROPE, KAI Wasabi Black Knife Bag with 5 knives JAPAN, KAI Q Sharpener with double millstone + suction cup, SPECIAL OFFER: 5 KAI Wasabi Black professional kitchen knives. Show more. Kai knives are manufactured in the heart of the most famous knife-making center in Japan. Thanks to this feature, it will stay sharp for a long time. 199.– 199.– Supplied by Houseware CH. For this reason, specialized knives that are made for sushi and sashimi were invented. All Wasabi Black knives are made in Japan, and thus it is normal that the range offers the most popular types of Japanese style knives (santoku, yanagiba, nakiri...). This knife will make the food preparation simpler and much easier. View. The knife came reasonably sharp, but a few rounds on the whetstones and then finished off with a … However, that great reputation also implies you paying high prices in order to enjoy the quality of authentic Japanese cutlery. Shipping The KAI Wasabi Black Chef Knife 20cm is a super versatile knife that must be present in every kitchen. All the knives of the Wasabi Black series are characterised for having black handles and polished blades made of stainless steel. Every kitchen deserves to have at least one Japanese knife of great quality in it, but the problem to make that possible has always been the price... until now. Let’s have a look at this amazing Japanese-style slicing knife and what it can offer. Their impressive cutting performance meets the expectations of home and professional cooks. ADD. Indeed, these knives have a fine and exquisite cutting performance that is guaranteed to make your cooking routine more pleasant. $44.95. Kai Wasabi Black Santoku Knife, 6-1/2-Inch This is on the cheaper end of Kai’s range, and once again, it comes with a huge raving fan-base. They look good in your screen, but we assure you that they would look much better in your kitchen, so choose yours now and equip your kitchen with the best of Japanese cutlery! This range of knives is made by the famous Japanese brand KAI. Die KAI-Gruppe mit Hauptsitz in Tokyo entwickelt in über 100-jähriger Tradition Schneidwaren und verwandte Produkte mit exzellenter Funktionalität, Schärfe und Langlebigkeit.
The fact of being one of the knife ranges (from any brand) with the best price/quality ratio of the market has led the Wasabi Black series to gain huge popularity not only in the Japanese kitchens but also in the Western ones. Contents. The Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife is definitely a perfect choice to use when preparing Japanese dishes, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, check out the JapanBargain S-1553 Knife. 2. Global Knives … 1 The Best Japanese Kitchen Knives For Every Occasion; 2 Frequently Asked Questions. However, like with many other precious kitchen tools, it is preferable if it will be washed by hand. £0.00 View 1 product › Your Selection; No Selection; Type: Knives X; Type: Knife Sets X; Select Brand. Buy KAI-67S-300 KAI Wasabi Black Knife Set KAI Wasabi Black from our Knives range - Free delivery over £50. Kai Wasabi Black Bread Knife, 9-Inch . COVID LOCKDOWN: We continue to ship your parcels, so you can continue to place your orders. Show more. However, there is much more than that. As a result, this knife looks very professional and stylish at the same time. It has a sharper angle, allowing you to perform precision slicing and cutting. This type of construction has the advantage of not leaving any gap between the blade and the handle where dirt or bacteria can settle in. It sliced through a piece of paper with minimal effort. R1,099 Set of 3. R1,629 This product has not been reviewed yet. Add to watch list. Total : Discover our large collection of kitchen knives from the Wasabi Black series! Probably the easiest way to distinguish or recognize a knife from the Wasabi Black series is by having a look at its handle. The Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife features the traditional blade styling of Japan. -- So we want to first: thank you for having read all the way down here, and second: invite you to equip your kitchen with Japanese cutlery of the great quality that your kitchen deserves! It also has a comfortable handle that won’t strain your hand even after using it for a long time. X. 2.1 What Are The Main Differences Between Japanese and Western Knives? Although the knife can be used for other slicing jobs, the design is made precisely for cutting thin slices of fish for sushi and sashimi. Indeed, all Wasabi Black knives have beautiful, black handles that are connected to the blade through a steel bolster. In Stock . The Chef's Knife can be used to cut, crush and scoop meat, fish and vegetables. Kai is known for its high-quality Kai Shun kitchen knives. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 4 Related questions. R1,249 5 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews. More Info. $44.00. The high content of carbon in the steel enables the blade to reach a high rating (58 HRC) in the Rockwell hardness scale. The knives themselves are tools of great quality that anyone would love to have in the kitchen. Thus, their look give the knives a fine and elegant appearance that will add to your kitchen's decoration. However, although most carbon blades tend to struggle dealing with humidity, the type of steel used in the blades of Wasabi Black knives has great resistance to corrosion. You can shop online today for Japanese style kitchen knife sets like KAI Komachi Series knives, KAI Luna knives and the famous KAI Wasabi Series. As per the manufacturer, this knife is dishwasher safe. 1. The knife also comes in different sizes, starting from four inches all the way to nine inches long. In Stock. KAI Wasabi Black Knife Sets. $56.00. The Japanese characters made the knife more appealing despite its simple design. The Japanese are known to use single-bevel knives because its main advantage is its sharpness, and this is what you’ll get to enjoy with this knife. The price is almost half of the Kai Wasabi knife, but this knife is also made for Japanese food preparation. It is also important to mention that the blades of most Wasabi Black knives are adapted for all types of cooks. Although the blade is made from traditional blade styling, the handle is manufactured using modern materials. Best Japanese Kitchen Knives To Buy In 2019? Between Wed 9.12. and Wed 16.12. What is a cookie ? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kai Wasabi 7-Piece Block Set, Black at Although it does the same thing as the Kai Wasabi knife, there is a clear difference in the quality of the blade. Visit Our Store 100 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6PB. It has the sharpness that you need to cut meat and vegetables easily, and it is durable enough to last for a long time. Sale Bestseller No. Buyer’s Guide, Chef Knives Review And More . uwejhw "Kai Wasabi Kitchen Knife Set Blackclick here :" These knives are long and thin and allow you to slice strips of fish, which are what’s required to make these Japanese dishes. It stands for purity, grace and elegance. Sort by The blade is molded directly around the blade’s tang. Moreover, the blades of all Wasabi Black knives are polished. This knife can be used with fruits, vegetables, and meats. KAI Wasabi Black Yanagiba Slicing Knife, 24cm. 2.6 Kai Pure Komachi 2 Steak Knife Set; 2.7 Kai Wasabi Black Deba Knife; 3 What Features to Consider When Choosing a Knife? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Among the different brands, the Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife is one of the most sought-after choices. This brand is known worldwide for the impressive quality of all its products. Both utility knives can be used for the fine cutting tasks. Read more. ADD. Buy on Amazon. However, we still encourage you to be careful and read the description of the products before buying it because, even though they are not a lot, there are some knives (for example: the yanagiba knives) that have single beveled blades and that means they can be only used by right or left-handed users. Share. Japanese knives are known around the world for the remarkable sharpness of their blades and the dazzling beauty of their designs. ADD. The Wasabi Black series offers you kitchen knives for all types of ingredients, and you can find them all here on our website! For more information, click here. You've seen them on TV. Fortunately, the Wasabi Black series is here to change that. KAI developed the Wasabi Black knife range with the purpose of offering cooks from all the world Japanese knives of truly great quality at affordable prices. If you have a restaurant or you plan to prepare Japanese dishes just for the fun of it, it is better to invest in the Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife. Let’s check out some of its amazing features. The complex manufacturing process used to make these blades is known as Dual Core, a dual layering of two different steels - a flexible and resistant VG2 steel with a particularly hard VG10 steel that are bonded into a 72 layered piece of Damascus steel. To make it look elegant, the blade is bead-blasted to provide a smooth finish to the knife. 199.– Kai Wasabi knife set. It is very durable and the knife can be used for other cutting or chopping jobs as well. You’ll see on Amazon in the USA alone there are over 1,000 reviews! Description. Kai Wasabi knife set. In stock 5:39. Il set dei migliori coltelli da cucina ... Kai Wasabi Chef Knife - Duration: 5:39. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The kitchen knives from this series are known for their black handles made of polypropylene attached to the blade through a stainless steel bolster. Therefore, with the roots of Japanese tradition well established in their manufacturing processes, all you can expect from a Kai Wasabi Black is simply the best! $34.95 Save 21%. This combinations make the handles strong and durable. Bestseller No. Yes, Japanese knives are indeed a desired and highly appreciated species in the fascinating world of cutlery. Sharp and durable, The blades of Kai Wasabi Black kitchen knives are made and designed to make cutting tasks easier. To get more options, have a look at our full selection of Kai Wasabi Bread Knife or use the search box. In Stock. 1 Image. Sign Up for the Latest News, Products and Special Offers. Zwilling J.A. ADD. Thanks to a successful combination of enduring functionality and sharpness, robust material quality, and a minimalistic design, the numerous blades of the series are intended for uncomplicated and continuous use and convince with an impressive price-to-performance ratio. The handles are made out of a combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene. $44.95 Save 20%. All suppliers. Here at MyChefKnives, we totally confirm that premise. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wasabi Black 7-Piece Knife Set with Block by Kai Ltd at Item 5904927. Add to cart. When making sushi or sashimi, we all know that a regular knife just won’t do the trick. Japanese knives have a well-known reputation for having ultra sharp blades and being aesthetically impressive. Knife Sharpening With Mino Tsuchida - Duration: 9:14. This beautiful 6-piece steak knife set is perfect for family dinners, dinner parties, backyard barbecues, and more. The material from which the handle is made is a combination between bamboo powder and polypropylene. The great quality of these knives have led the Wasabi Black series to become one of the most popular ranges of Japanese kitchen knives in the world! Searching for the best sushi knife is a bit daunting, even with the different options that you have on the market. Therefore, so that you can understand what makes Wasabi Black knives so great, here we give you a brief explanation of their blades and handles: Sharp and durable, The blades of Kai Wasabi Black kitchen knives are made and designed to make cutting tasks easier. It is also infused with an antibacterial agent to make sure that germs and bacteria won’t reach the food while you are using the knife. Buyer’s Guide, Chef Knives Review And More. The knife sports a simple design, and in all honesty, it looks like an average knife. It is made of Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel. The Wasabi Black line of knives by Kai consists of 17 shapes. The Wasabi Black series knives feature a black handle specially designed for optimum hygiene thanks to the special combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene - assisted by the natural anti-bacterial properties of the bamboo parts. We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website ! Caring for Your Cutlery: * Handwashing and drying are recommended * Do not cut frozen food with these knives * Do not use scouring pads, steel, or gritty cleansers . Quick View. WASABI Knives with its statement "Sharpness for better cooking" reflects values that are particularly highly treasured in Japanese culture. This characteristic makes the Wasabi Black knives safe to use according to European hygienic standards. Kai Wasabi Nakiri Knife 16.5cm £ 40.00. Refine Selection . Series. In Stock. KAI Wasabi 6" Deba Knife, Black Polypropylene Handle. 1 rating. When you are looking for a quality Japanese kitchen knife, at an affordable price, the Kai Wasabi series is perfect. The handle looks modern, and it is very durable at the same time. This is a single-bevel knife that would allow you to make precision slicing, which is the primary requirement when creating Japanese dishes like sashimi and sushi. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. J.R Cutlery Reviews 19,878 views. Being that I am not making a lot of money at my job and just need a simple workhorse knife to get me through the day, I picked up this nakiri style knife from Kai/Wasabi. It is perfect for cutting, slicing and chopping almost every single type of food. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. This Japanese Nakiri knife is the ultimate vegetable knife! Choppy Choppy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The only problem is the quality of the blade. KAI Wasabi 8" Chef's Knife, Black Polypropylene Handle. With this Kai Wasabi series, this high quality is also available for a more affordable price. There are Japanese characters for “wasabi” embellished on the knife as well. Follow Us. The blade is sharpened on one side, and the other side features a flat surface. Therefore, with the Wasabi Black series, even if you don't have a big budget, you are still able to enjoy Japanese quality in your own kitchen! Unlike in traditional Japanese knives, these blades are sharpened in both sides, so both left-handed and right-handed cooks can use them. You've heard renowned chefs talk about them. It is not as sharp as the Kai Wasabi knife, but it is good enough to cut through vegetables and fish. The Wasabi Black series is a range of Japanese kitchen knives produced by the brand Kai. KAI Wasabi Black Chef's Knife, 20cm. £0.00 £109.95 RRP £129.95 | Save £20.00. The handle provides maximum comfort, and there is also a control plastic bolster. more from Kai. Categories. The Kai Steak Knife's 16° edge cuts cleanly, which means more of the flavorful juices stay inside the meat—and your steak tastes better than ever. Filters. Price: Lowest first What Is the Difference Between Sushi and Sashimi? $34.95 Save 21%. KAI Wasabi Black Utility Knife, 15cm. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kai Wasabi Black Chef's Knife at This knife is known for its durability and resilience, and it can last for a long time as long as you know how to take care of it. Compare. Reference: Lowest first Each knife features unsurpassed cutting performance due to the Daido 1K6 high-carbon, stainless steel, which maintains superior edge retention. The Wasabi Black line of knives are made in the traditional Japanese blade styling. The blade comes sharpened, but don’t expect it to be extremely sharp. This Kai Wasabi-knife set consist of five knives from the Wasabi series. You've read that their history dates back to the Samurai era. To reduce food sticking, the blades are sharpened on a single side. The Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife is not as thick as regular knives, but they are on par when it comes to durability. 4.1 Is Kai a Good Knife Brand? Product Name: Z to A Price: Highest first This is a cheaper alternative, so you cannot expect it to have the same quality as the more expensive Kai Wasabi Knife. That is why here at MyChefKnives we are proud to offer you the entire collection of Kai Wasabi Black knives. KAI ; Select Price - £100 to £200 ; 1 Item. By now, you are already aware that one of the things that makes the Wasabi Black series so popular is the great price of its knives. KAI Wasabi 6.5" Santoku Knife, Black Polypropylene Handle. The black handles of the Kai Wasabi knife set completely enclose the blades. The blade is also thin, but it is not as durable as the Kai Wasabi knife as it is not made from high-quality steel. $44.00. The Kai Little Chef Knife has a blade that is made from stainless steel and a handle made of polypropylene that is heat-resistant up to 110 degrees. Unlike most traditional Japanese knives, the handles of Wasabi Black knives are not inserted but actually embraced completely with the blade. The core of the blade is actually made from Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel that can provide amazing edge retention compared with other steels. 4.2 Where are Kai Knives Made? The handle is made from polypropylene that is blended with bamboo powder. As you know by now, chef’s knives are our favorite, so to kick start this list, we chose the Kai Wasabi Black 8” chef’s knife. Happily, that is something in which the knives from the Kai Wasabi Black series stand out from the rest. If you are only using it for regular cooking, then this is a good pick. This product has not been reviewed yet. Product Name: A to Z Supplied by i. Houseware CH. You already know why they are so great, now the question is: which one or which ones are you going to get? The Daido 1K6 stainless steel blade has a 58 HRC hardness. KAI Wasabi Black Deba Knife, 21cm. If you are very meticulous when it comes to food preparation, especially when preparing Japanese dishes, this knife will never let you down. If you need to use it for sushi or sashimi, it is better to use a longer blade. The elegant look caused by the contrast between the black handle and the steel bolster is something that should immediately make you think of the Wasabi Black series. R1,279 This product has not been reviewed yet. The flat surface, on the other hand, prevents the food from sticking to the knife. Both professional chefs and hobby cooks appreciate Kai Japanese knives because they are made with materials of superior quality that are put together using part of the old Samurai know-how in their manufacturing processes to offer you sharp knives that make your cooking routine more pleasant. Buy on Amazon. You and your family or guests will appreciate the smooth, controlled feel of the knife as you cut. Preventing you from getting an authentic Japanese knife of superior quality because of its cost is not a valid excuse anymore, and that is thanks to the Wasabi Black series! $35.00. The Shun Nagare series of knives from Kai is a masterpiece of Japanese workmanship. All cooks, whether professional or not, can demand and expect many things from a kitchen knife, but by far the most essential thing is to have an effective and efficient capacity to cut with ease and precision. Here is the top rated choice of other customers purchasing items related to kai wasabi bread knife. KAI developed the range of Wasabi Black knives with the purpose of offering you Japanese kitchen knives of great quality at affordable prices. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. The stainless steel blade of Daido 1K6 steel has a thin grind and is hardened to a hardness of 58 HRC. For that, we’ve got you covered. All in all, this knife is extremely useful when you are preparing Japanese dishes. 5 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews. This knife is extremely sharp because you only need to hone one side. The Wasabi Black Series can trace its origins to Japanese communal kitchens. There are literally hundreds of different knives that you can use for sushi or sashimi, so it is a bit difficult to make a choice. This makes them durable and waterproof. $27.95 Save 20%. Overall, the Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife is definitely a great pick if you are on a tight budget but want a knife that would help you create the best Japanese dishes. Click here. The reason? The price is almost half of the Kai Wasabi knife, but this knife is also made for Japanese food preparation. This knife also allows you to make long and unbroken cuts when slicing vegetables or fish, which is very hard to achieve when using a regular or a double-bevel knife. This would allow you to use the knife for a long period without the need to hone it. This Kai knife set is comprised of three knives from the Wasabi collection: the Chefs Knife, a utility knife with a 15 cm blade and a utility knife with a 10 cm blade. Honoring the well-known reputation of Japanese knives, the blade is characterised for a high level of sharpness that allows you to cut your food ingredients with ease and precision. Check out our French website right here .

kai wasabi knife set review

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