Hello, Yes, they German and Roman chamomile can be used interchangeably. 4. We just say no to our goddesses having problems because they’ve accidentally overdosed. The most common type used in the treatment of eczema is German chamomile. They are different in their chemical makeup, smell, color, and viscosity. Contains chamazulene, giving the oil its deep blue color, and anti-inflammatory and infection fighting properties. Compare 5 types of Lavender Essential Oils. Two members of the chamomile plant widely used today are the Roman chamomile and German chamomile. Stimulates liver, kidneys and gall bladder to improve digestion, remove toxins and infections. German chamomile oil . Contains high level of esters, has a yellow-pale blue color, and is anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal and highly calming. Roman Chamomile has a light, fresh apple fragrance, and German Chamomile smells more like sweet straw. Roman Chamomile vs German Chamomile Essential Oil. How to Use Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. But before you go getting recipe ideas and reaching for a bottle of chamomile essential oil, it’s important to know which kind you’re using. 1-2, 2019. Flavour and Fragrance Journal. Actually, any oil, cream, or lotion you use on your skin should be tested this way before you use it, particularly if you tend to be sensitive. Medicinally, both varieties are used for calming and soothing skin, inflammation, fevers, and the nervous and digestive systems, as well as inducing perspiration to flush out toxins, allergens and infections. Does it mean that it’s ok to use it in a body / moisturizer oil? There are several types of Chamomile essential oil, but Chamomile (Roman) essential oil is the most preferred. Roman chamomile is a popular essential oil to use with babies and children because of its high content of esters. Effective at calming irritation, rage, mood swings. There are two main varieties people inquire about: roman chamomile vs german chamomile. Aug 5, 2020 - Explore Dr. Nina Ongpin-De Leon's board "Roman Chamomile vs German Chamomile", followed by 211 people on Pinterest. Maintains normal skin; calms dry, irritated or flaky skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis; promotes healing and regeneration of damaged skin tissue. Influence of drying methods on the essential oil content and composition of Roman chamomile. Today it is commonly used to naturally treat many conditions like nervous system issues, eczema, heartburn, anxiety, indigestion, and more [7]. We believe in keeping our goddesses well informed. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. There are actually several varieties of Chamomile growing around the world today. German chamomile is a beneficial oil to have around in the home for several reasons: 1. German chamomile oil contains more reactive components. I could have used a use by chemical constituent or a general for each of these two oils. Both are found in the wild worldwide and both have incredible medicinal uses such as for pain, fever, flushing out toxins, promoting healthy skin, and calming nerves. The essential oil is a breathtakingly deep and distinct blue color, thanks to its chamazulene content. Both Roman and German chamomile flowers may be used to treat vomiting. The stems are hairless, branching, and longer, with a few flowers on the tops. 1 The two most common varieties are German chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Roman Chamomile (classified as Anthemis nobile, as well as Chamaemelum nobile). 5 mL (1/6 Ounce), Chamomile Essential Oil From Majestic Pure, 4 Fl. Provides restful sleep, relief from sore muscles, arthritis, headaches and migraines. Most people choose between the oils by the scent they prefer. These differences become important when we are treating conditions of the body, emotions and mind with our home essential oil kits. At night I sometimes will drink a nice cup of Roman chamomile tea before bed to get a wonderfully restful night’s sleep. German Chamomile Essential Oil Has Many Properties That Can Benefit Your Eczema. Both Chamomile oils are very safe and can be used with young children. Ancient pioneering physicians such as Asclepius, Galen, Hippocrates and Culpepper enthusiastically embraced its wide range of healing virtues. German chamomile is taller, reaching 24 inches, and has hairless stems with threadlike, more sparse and less ferny leaves than Roman chamomile. They both come from plants, albeit different plants. German chamomile essential oil can also be used with babies and children – but under the guidance of a suitably certified aromatherapist. Moroccan chamomile is a member of the Tansy botanical family and is like German chamomile due to the fact that they both produce a deep, ink-blue color when in the form of an essential oil. I’m assuming you mean for use on your skin. If no reaction, I’m good. They have different uses, but our post today is all about roman chamomile which comes from the variety Chamaemelum nobile. Will it work too? Yes you can, but German chamomile is more potent and is preferred for pain. Chamomile essential oil has some solid research behind it. German (Blue) Chamomile, on the other hand, is not perennial, and is propagated by seed planting or letting the flower heads go to seed for the next year. Here are some easy ways to use Roman chamomile oil: To fight anxiety and depression, diffuse 5 drops, or inhale it directly from the bottle. Chamomile can sometimes be used to treat eczema. Big duh there, huh? Roman or German? Please clarify. This oil is most suitable as an ingredient for skin care products. Both contain the essential oil chamazulene, although German chamomile contains a higher concentrate. I can only find German Chamomile. Roman Chamomile is a small evergreen perennial plant that grows low to the ground, often used as a ground cover. Roman chamomile essential oil is a clear to soft blue color, depending on the amount of chamazulene present. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. Though both German and Roman chamomile essential oils are considered safe to use, there are a couple of precautionary notes. What I would do is add a drop or two to a tablespoon or so of a light oil (one you know you’re not allergic to) and rub a small amount on my wrist and at the inside of my elbow.

roman chamomile vs german chamomile essential oil

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